Ajax Engineering LTD

Old Dominion Reclamation Project


  • AJAX staff have performed most tasks at the Old Dominion mine for the past 20 years that have been focused around closure and reclamation of the site. Those tasks have included project and construction management, field investigation, engineering design, and environmental compliance.
  • The tailings, waste rock and slag pile have been remediated in accordance with the measures approved by the EPA in the RCP.  These remedial measures include regrading and waste rock stabilization, capping, revegetation, erosion protection, surface water and sediment controls
  • Remedial measures implemented for the smelter and concentrator sites, plant site buildings and upgradient waste rock piles include waste rock stabilization, hazardous waste mitigation, stormwater controls and limited demolition of unsafe structures.


Highlights of the construction project include:

  • Regrading and moving approximately 600,000 cubic yards of tailings and waste rock material.
  • Building a 100,000 cubic yard rock buttress against the face of the main tailings pile near the railroad tracks for structural stability.
  • Transporting approximately 250,000 cubic yards of natural soil on the Old Dominion mine site to cover and revegetate the regraded piles.
  • Constructing approximately 21,000 linear feet of concrete and shotcrete-lined and 6,000 linear feet of rip-rap lined stormwater diversion channels.