Ajax Engineering LTD

Coal Mine Engineering and Permit Support


  • AJAX staff have recently provided geotechnical support for a new 5,000,000 cy haul road; geotechnical, geologic, and hydrogeologic support for a new 55 Mt open pit mine; and geotechnical stability evaluations of an existing 8,000,000 cy, 250-ft high valley-fill spoil pile. 


  • AJAX staff have also been involved in several other geotechnical projects for the mine’s various properties since 1994, including the investigation, design, and stabilization of an 11,000,000 cy unstable spoil landslide in discontinuous permafrost, and several slope stability evaluations of highwall, post-mining, and spoil piles for both operating and proposed new projects. Activities conducted have included geotechnical drilling and cone penetrometer testing, laboratory testing programs, slope stability analyses and buttress designs, and detailed evaluations of slope monitoring data.