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Solitude Site


Solitude Tailings Property

AJAX is currently conducting a characterization and engineering design project at the Solitude Tailings property near Miami, Arizona.  The property received tailings from the Miami Mine from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.  The project involves properly abandoning former infrastructure, improving storm water Best Management Practices for ongoing environmental compliance programs, and designing a long-term reclamation plan for the site.

AJAX completed supplemental characterization activities including subsurface investigation to support geochemical evaluations of the tailings materials as well as physical extents of tailings to support a regrade plan that provides a more erosionally stable configuration.  Investigations for suitable rock and soil borrow materials were also conducted.  AJAX also supported the owner with investigating the former Slurry Pipeline and water production infrastructure to enable proper demolition, removal or abandonment.

AJAX utilized geotechnical data to perform slope stability analysis on existing and proposed configurations under static and pseudostatic conditions.  Hydrologic analyses were performed for existing and proposed configurations to evaluate scenarios from a storm water management perspective.  Hydraulic analysis was utilized to design of a system of storm water runoff channels.   Regrading plans were developed for the tailings facility as well as several adjacent soil borrow areas and a large spillway structure to evaluate a material balance for the project.  The final design will likely include tailings regarding, soil cover placement, rock armor production and placement, revegetation and construction of storm water control channels.  Project deliverables will include design reports, design drawings, construction specifications, a CQA plan, and construction bidding documents.