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Pinto Valley Mine

AJAX is currently conducting several geology, engineering, permitting, and construction projects at the operating Pinto Valley open pit copper mine near Miami, Arizona.  These projects have been associated with potential future expansion of the mining operation, ongoing environmental compliance programs, and long-term reclamation of certain facilities.

AJAX completed the site characterization and engineering design for reclamation of the Nos. 1 and 4 tailings facilities.  The AJAX design for the face of the No. 4 Tailings Dam was recently executed by a general contractor for which AJAX provided construction management and monitoring services.  The final project included approximately 1,000,000 cy of tailings regrading, 450,000 cy of placed soil cover, over 200,000 cy of placed rock armor, up to a mile of lined diversion channels and culverts, and approximately 200 acres of revegetation.  As part of the project’s material production needs, the contractor developed onsite soil and rock borrow sources.  A drill and blast, crushing and screening operation was required for the rock borrow source.

Site characterization and engineering design for the No. 1 Tailings Dam Area was recently completed by AJAX professionals.  The final design components include approximately 750,000 cy of tailings and waste rock regrading, 300,000 cy of soil cover, 60,000 cy of rock armor, and various hydraulic control structures such as large diameter culverts, elevated diversion crossings, several lined diversion channels, and energy dissipation aprons.  Tasks conducted during the site characterization phase included field screening of potential borrow materials, a mine waste geochemistry evaluation, cover alternatives analysis, hydrologic analysis and hydraulic designs, and a revegetation study.  Project deliverables have included design reports, design drawings, construction specifications, a CQA plan, and construction bidding documents.

AJAX is also providing technical support at the Pinto Valley Mine for several geology, engineering, and permitting projects.